How to Tie a Vidalia Tie Knot


Ties are a staple of office uniforms, especially for professionals. Vidalia knot was invented by Linwood Darkis. The Vidalia knot is similar to the “cape knot” and double cape knot. It is very complex for tightening the knot and also requires a lot of time. Especially, If you are taller, you may want to observe wearing a vest over it. This knot is quite a difficult knot and consumes time for practice. We recommend a thin, soft tie for excellent results. It creates some effective layers and these effects require a more intricate set of maneuvers. The most difficult and the hardest part is shaping the knot, just be sure the knot is compressed up first and it will be fine. Furthermore, for Vidalia knots, we use more fabric as compared to the average knot. At last, however, is marvelous symmetry that sends a message. It shows a mastery of knot-craft. I recommend that a Vidalia knot would be an attractive and excellent knot for weddings or new year parties.

how to tie a vidalia knot

Steps of how to tie a Vidalia knot 

  1. Use a napkin paper to make 3 folds and again fold it half and one more time fold and it looks like a small rectangular shape.
  2. Wrap the necktie around your collar, with the thick end on the right side 
  3. Pinch the wide end of the tie to form a dimple and cross the thin end in front of the thick end as vertically as possible 
  4. We can take the thin end to bring around the backside and we can bring it through the center crossing horizontally from right to left side
  5. Wrap the thin end around behind the cross-shape and the rectangular shape of paper was an insert in the center point of the tie and the thin end was cross from the right to the left side 
  6. Loop the thin end of the tie-up and around the circle around your collar. Leave a little bit of slack in this step.
  7. It tucked the remainder of the thin end out of sight, either behind the thick end or by sliding it. 
  8. We can also hide the remaining thin end under the shirt 
  9. Don’t tighten the layers because if we lose the layers it looks like fluffy and gorgeous.



Vidalia knot is difficult from other styles of a knot. The moves of the Vidalia knot are very unorthodox. Tightening the knot is very hard and complex. It consumes a lot of fabric. This will take you some practice.


For a Vidalia knot, it uses a ton of fabric for making the perfect shape of the knot. I am sorry to say it might not be possible if you are tall or large. Consider using a vest.


How to tie a Vidalia knot: The significant reason for the Vidalia knot is becoming more popular, and it is considered “the knot” because of its near-perfect symmetry. One of the cooler knots when it comes to symmetry.


If we are using the stripes tie, the folds are too complex. so, we should use stripes to make it simple. A contrast tie is obviously a good choice because the fancy knot will be featured. 


This knot is brilliant, some people use this knot for light-hearted events such as wedding occasions or new year parties.


  • It is very complex
  • Take time for practice 
  • Try it with a contrast tie
  • Avoid stripes or patterns 
  • Optimal with thin and simple ties
  • Consider a vest
  • Always suggest thin soft ties for optimal result 
  • Use a napkin or toilet paper in the middle of the knot for creating the fluffy and beautiful knot