How to Tie a Tulip Knot

How to tie a Tulip knot

Some designers recommend that the tulip knot is perfect for valentine’s day except for professional settings. It’s not easy to make a proper shape of this knot and also remember that if you want to make a proper shape, then tighten this knot. It is similar to an Eldredge knot. This knot is leading in the striking in looking attractive, beautiful, and also enhancing our personality. Various fashioners recommend that you always wear a shirt with a contrast tie pattern. Moreover, single-colored ties or plan ties also look perfect for this tulip knot. Tulip knots consume less fabric than other styles of the knot. Remember that don’t wear around a collar shirt with this style of knot.

Patterns used for tulip knot:

Solid color ties:

Designers recommend that solid color ties are perfect for making different styles of a knot. Wear every color of the shirt either solid pattern or stripes in shirts with a solid color of ties. Always prefer to contrast with shirts.

Paisley color ties:

how to tie a tulip knot with these patterns Paisley color ties or patterns are also excellent for tulip knots. Paisley color ties are available in various patterns and these patterns aid to boost our personality.
Contrast color ties: Remember that you should wear a contrast color tie with your shirt.

Knot dossier

About this knot

The majority of people were interested in making this knot on special events such as dates, valentine’s day. I also suggest that you should buy simple ties for this knot. If you don’t know how to tie a tulip knot subsequently do practice for making the perfect shape of this knot.

Difficulty: Med

Tulip knot is similar to an Eldredge knot like two-third portion is comparable to this knot. It is difficult for those people who don’t know how to tie a tulip knot. You should practice again and again which aids to make the right shape of this knot.

Fabric consumption: Low

The most interesting fact is that it consumes a small amount of fabric as compared to the Eldredge knot as well as the trinity knot. Low fabric is perfect for creating the right shape and size of various types of knots. Apart from this, the size of the tie depends upon the length of the person.

Symmetry: med

How to tie a tulip knot: The Tulip knot is obviously asymmetrical. However, according to the standpoint of this knot, it looks like a Balthus knot.

Style: Solid, Paisley, Contrast

If you want to look highly personalized then make special knots on special events such as weddings, concerts, business meetings, parties, ceremonies, and so on. You should consume different types of designs and fabrics for tulip knots. But some designers recommend that contrast, paisley, and solid patterns are good choices for tulip knots because the fancy knot will be featured. Moreover, the shadows play well on a solid plain tie.

Venue: celebratory, and casual

According to my point of view, this knot is a perfect gift for a host of occasions such as weddings, engagement parties and fun parties, and valentine’s day, and so on.

how to tie a tulip knot

Additional tips of tulip knot:

Perfect with contrast tie, solid, as well as paisley
Excellent with Simple ties
It is a complex knot
Looking fabulous as compared to other styles of knot
Remember that solid colors give proper attention to tulip knot