How to Tie a Truelove Tie Knot


Though this knot has nothing to do with “True Love”. A true love knot is a complex knot that is divided into four specific quadrants that may resemble a heart, cross as well as t-shape but Elliot found a simple and easy way to tie a truelove knot. Use a longer tie because it requires numerous fabrics like the trinity knot or Eldredge knot. It is tied with the small end of the tie and the extra fabric is tucked into the collar. Perhaps, this is the most sophisticated knot to tie and it will probably consume considerable practice for mastering in strategy but it gives a brilliant result in the end. It is also known as the Pinwheel Knot. It requires a lot of practice for removing the difficulty. This knot is perfect for teenagers to try something unique. The tie is an Arrow, most of the ties are available in silk fabric. The range of thickness is average which I felt appropriate for this knot. It’s all pretty standard, though a bit more narrow at the large end than many of my other ties. It was not difficult to manipulate and the edge creases did not creep out like the Repp Tie. This knot is the latest knot which helps to boost up our confidence and personality.

how to tie a truelove knotHistory

This knot was invented by the tie alchemist and gentlemen Elliot Truelove. This knot is also known as a true lover’s knot or pinwheel knot because it is considered a striped tie for creating a pinwheel effect. A non-traditional knot is very efficient and effective for making good results and credit to Elliot Truelove for creating this challenging knot and naming it after himself. This knot expresses the symbol of love, affection along with friendship. It is a simple and elegant knot and could be an ideal gift for your lover as each overhand knot freely moves about the other but are generally inseparable. I recommend that you should choose a striped tie to get a mill effect. How to tie a truelove knot: If you have time to make a more elegant, or striking knot, which indicates true love. Numerous people used this knot for Valentine’s day. We can thank Mr. Elliot Truelove for this knot.

Truelove knot works with

  • Thinner Ties:

    True love knots have thinner fabric and thinner width which cause fewer wrinkles as opposed to other styles of the knot.

  • Solid Color Ties:

    This knot is perfect with a solid color of ties and it gives the attention its demand without any trouble from the knot itself.

  • Striped Ties:

    If you are a striped tie, find out those stripes which are normal. This will make a great diamond pattern in the center of this knot.

  • Paisly/Pattern Ties:

    Patterns ties are good for making the true-love knot. I believe the compass cross could work well with them.

 Truelove knot does not work with

  • Thicker Ties:

    True love knots do not perform well with thick fabric and wide ties because it gives too many wrinkles and divots on the tie. That’s why I strictly recommend you should avoid thicker and plaid ties for this knot.

  • Plaid Ties:

    Plaid ties might give a great diamond pattern, but along with that is another set of crosses. Could be good – could be too much.


how to tie a truelove knot

  1. Create the wide end on your left side and roughly in line with your navel
  2. Cross the narrow end over the wide end to your left side
  3. Take it up and into the neck loop from the front side 
  4. Now, you should pick it down to the right
  5. Take it up as well as into the neck loop from the right
  6. Pull it through and down to the left
  7. Cross the narrow end over the knot to the right. To hold this band loose you should use your finger
  8. Generate the narrow end under the neck loop and down through the band formed in this knot
  9. loosen the top of the narrow end which is closest to your neck and then take it up and complete it with the neck loop. Come out on the left side.
  10. Apart from this, take the tip of the narrow end and tuck it into the loose band from 9th step
  11.  Adjust and tighten by pulling the narrow tip and wide end.
  12. You can hide the tip of the narrow end under your collar.



A true love knot is very difficult and complex. It takes time for practice and it also gives good results for us. It also enhances our personality.


Use a longer tie because it needs a lot of fabric like the trinity knot or Eldredge knot. It depends upon your height. If you are tall or short, you require a jacket or borrow an extra long tie for this knot.  


True love knots have four quadrants, it is becoming more popular, and it is considered “the knot” because of its near-perfect symmetry. It has a nice hand-made feeling.


You can do amazing things with stripes and this knot. But it is a bit like playing the lottery. It is not easy to adjust, all of the planets need to align for you to get a perfect pinwheel or spiral out of the deal. Until you are a Truelove expert I recommend sticking with patterns or designs.


It is an attention-getter, positive, and negative. This knot is polarizing, which is why I would avoid bringing it to more professional settings. I suggest you should tie a truelove knot at special events such as weddings. 


  • It is more formal
  • Require more fabric for making the perfect knot
  • A Perfect knot for a thick tie
  • Great with vests, cardigans, and suits
  • Express love and affection
  • Some people use this knot on valentine’s day 
  • Can achieve impressive effects with striped ties