How to Tie a Trinity Tie Knot


Trinity knot and Eldredge knot, are very similar. This tie knot  is the latest style of innovation. It is also known as a triquetra knot. Christians believe that the three points of the Irish trinity knot represent the three elements of the holy trinity such as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Pagans (with related beliefs to the Celts) see the trinity knot as a representation of the three natural forces like earth, air, and water. The size of the trinity knot is slightly broad as compared to the Windsor knot. According to the professionals, for the work scenarios, to tie a trinity knot is very excellent. It creates a rounded shape that is slightly asymmetrical, slightly bigger as opposed to the Windsor knot. It is also known as the Irish love knot. In this article, I focused on the information of trinity knots such as history, how to tie a trinity knot, when to use this knot, patterns, and tips. A large number of people like this trinity knot.

To tie a trinity knot is:

  • Complex knot
  • It depicts a mastery of knot-craft.
  • Optimal with thin and simple ties
  • Convenient for shirts with the open collar spread
  • Excellent with a simple and plain tie
  • It is triangular and has three-way symmetry.
  • Looking gorgeous than other styles of the knot. 


Trinity knot is also known as the Triquetra and it is a well-known symbol in Celtic culture. This symbol indicates the holy trinity of The Celtic Christian church, however, this symbol is also used by the other cultures. The word ‘Triquetra’ is derived from the Latin for ‘three-cornered’ and although its exact origins are unknown, over 5000years old, it has been found on Indian cultural sites as well as carved stones has also been found in Northern Europe from the 8th century AD and on early Germanic coins. This knot consists of three corners, between the center of the circle, there are some designs. It is available in various colors such as red for sacrifice, power, faith, and language, green depicts the color of trees and plants and trees and blue for faith and trust. 

The Versatility of the Trinity Knot

  1. It can be used as a symbol of Ireland’s ancient culture.
  2. The intertwining curve also represents eternal love.
  3. The Trinity knot can even be used to highlight the level of a woman’s life such as youth, motherhood, and old age.
  4. Known as the Irish Love knot.
  5.  It generates a killer necktie.
  6. It creates a wonderful gift for a host of occasions like anniversaries, engagements, and weddings.

How to tie a trinity knot

how to tie a trinity knotTrinity knots are inspired by Celtic art. The Trinity Knot should come with a strict warning because it’s known to make people overwhelmed. This is one of the most difficult tie knots and it requires to be approached with caution. Ir shows the three distinct axes that create together in the middle. It’s attention-grabbing, intricate, and incredibly fancy. If you happen to conquer it, we’ll be presenting you with your black belt in knot-tying. This is an advanced knot, you should do practice on your own, before breaking it out at a special occasion.

Venue — When to use the Trinity Knot?

For casual events, the trinity knot is an extremely perfect knot for a wine or cocktail to a higher restaurant and classical jazz for outings. Many experts believe that The trinity knot is not suitable for formal events such as weddings, or political events because it is a small part of distraction and moves their concentration or focus from the crucial events onto the necktie. This knot looks like a champion.

Patterns used for Trinity:

Thinner Fabric Ties:

Thinner width and thinner width cause fewer wrinkles.

Solid Color Ties:

Solid colors always give the proper attention to the trinity knot and it is justified without distracting from this knot itself.

Striped Ties:

If the stripes are going in the straight or diagonal direction(same direction), it creates the perfect design or pattern in the middle of the trinity knot.

Styling with a Trinity Knot:

Wear a trinity knot at lighthearted occasions

 If you are making a good impression at job interviews or any other work, a trinity knot is not a good option for this job. The trinity knot is only applicable to special events or occasions with family and friends and also dinner parties. To tie a Trinity knot is suitable for wedding parties. It is a perfect and significant reason to wear it.

Pick a trinity knot when you want to tie as a focal point

 Neon colors or patterns of shirts are not looking perfect with a trinity knot of the tie. I recommend that pastel-colored shirts highlight the trinity knot very well.

Choose trinity knot when wearing plain ties

choosing the solid colors, when you are wearing a trinity knot. also, selecting a simple pattern which highlights the knot than others.

Wear a narrow spread collar

cut-away collar, rounded collar, and club collar are mostly uncomplimentary for trinity knot. various experts suggest that you should choose a narrow shirt for this knot. If you are selecting any other style of shirt with a wide collar it will definitely decrease your personality.

Tie a trinity knot after you have mastered an easier knot 

This knot is a bit more sophisticated than the average Windsor knot because it is not always user friendly for beginners. You should do practice at the beginning of this tie.



The trinity knot is very easy rather than the Eldredge. we consume Less fabric in the tie, and so, more is left over for adjusting. The moves themselves are pretty simple, and once learned, this tie can be performed very fast.


Ties with thicker fabric will make the knot look bulky. Still, if you are very tall or large you might have difficulty getting the proper length of the tie.


The Trinity knot has 3-way symmetry and the shape of this tie is a hexagon. It also has a center point where the pattern converges creating a vortex look.


Trinity knot is available in various styles such as solid tie, stripes, and pattern. For solid ties, the pattern of the trinity is most visible which is allowing the knot itself. It has a minor risk in patterns, while polka dots or diamonds on a light-colored tie should work fine. Stripes are a special case. 


Generally, I do not suggest super exotic knots, like this one, at formal events. At places where a non-standard knot may be distracting from the important subject matter, you should wear a Windsor. For casual events, the trinity knot is an extremely perfect knot for a wine or cocktail to a higher restaurant along with classical jazz for outings. Many experts believe that The trinity knot is not suitable for formal events. 

 Additional tips:

  • Keep outfits simple to let the knot shine
  • Might leave tie too short, consider a vest
  • Stripes can create cool effects
  • The “Trinity” concept is symbolic
  • Express eternal love
  • Plain ties are good for trinity tie
  • Don’t wear a rounded collar shirt with this tie