How to Tie a Rose Bud Tie Knot


how to tie a rosebud knot

Rose bud knot is very complex but it looks like a rose. Some people believe that this knot is a very perfect knot to impress someone. I recommend that you have two brilliant options: first is to make a simple knot of the tie and satisfy this knot, and the second option is to challenge yourself with a rose bud tie knot. Rose bud knot is not easy yet it becomes easier with the help of practice. I hope the result of the rose bud knot will be well worth. See this amorous necktie knot which is organized in the shape of a rose. There are various similarities between rose bud knot and trinity knot, but it is tied with an extra loop. This knot is sure to be a hit on V-day. This knot is suitable for wedding occasions and parties.  

There are three parts for making a perfect knot creating the base, forming the bud, and Finishing the knot. These points can be explained as below:

Creating the base

You should have the big end hanging above your beltline, and the narrow end should be around your left shoulder. The seam should be on the back of the tie. Moreover, you should already be wearing a shirt, with the collar turned up. It should be matched with the first button of your collar. You also create the dimple through pinching the sides of the tie against the center, you make a sort of fan-fold, as well as the side edges, make points in the direction of your chest. Now, you should pull it in the upward direction of your shoulder so that in front of your neck, both sides of the tie should be crossed. How to tie a rose bud knot: From the cross tie and your neck, there is a huge gap. This gap is known as the neck hole. After that, bring the narrow end under the neck hole. Again, feed the narrow end by the neck hole. Now, you should place your finger over the knot and cover the narrow end over the knot and your finger. Finally, you should remove your finger, leaving behind a loop. Pull the narrow end down through that loop.

Forming the bud

Gently tug the knot upward so that it is resting against the base of your neck. It should be close yet It should also be comfortable and convenient. Then, it will create a crease that will form the petals on the bud. Position it just down the knot, so that it is resting across the front of the wide end. You should still be keeping it folded. This time, tug the narrow end upwards and to the right. Feed it down through the neck hole, positioning it as far to the right as you can. Shift the first looped part to the left. Apart from this, take the narrow end upward and to the right. Feed it down through the neck hole and tug it to the right. How to tie a rose bud knot: At last you should adjust the two wrapped layers because they are overlapping with each other.

Finishing the knot

At this point, you should pull the narrow against the tie that’s wrapped over your neck. Wrap it around the band a few times until you have nothing left. This gets the tail end out of the way. Don’t worry, in the end, it would not be visible in the end. Gently tug the knotted upwards until it is resting against the base of your neck. Again, it should be tight but it should also be comfortable. You should use your fingers to smoothly widen the smallest hole at the center of the bud. Shift the layers to the side to open them up further. Now, you are ready to go on occasions.



How to tie a rose bud knot: To tie a rose bud knot, the level of difficulty is measured in percentage which is approximately 81%. For creating this knot, it requires extra loops and fabric as compared to the trinity knot. 


Ties with thicker fabric will make the knot look bulky. Still, if you are very tall or large you might have difficulty in the length of the tie.


The rose bud knot has more than average in symmetry and the shape of this tie looks like a rose. It does not have any central point.


The size of this knot is not extremely large. Rose bud knot is suitable in plain fabric or a single color of the fabric.


  • Keep outfits simple to let the knot shine
  • Contrast with shirt 
  • Suitable for special occasions like wedding parties
  • Express the love
  • Plain ties are good for trinity tie
  • Don’t wear a rounded collar shirt with this tie 
  • Complex knot and it may take a few times to get it right
  • Various similarities with trinity knots
  • Your tie does not have to be red, like a traditional rose, although it will certainly help the effect.
  • If your tie is wrinkled, wrap it around your hand, starting from the narrow end. Pull it off and tuck it into a drawer. Leave it there for a few hours