How To Tie A Bow Tie Step-By-Step

Trick #1

Tying your own bow tie can be, let’s just say, a little frustrating. I’ve been there before. Trust me, I feel your pain. I’m showing you the absolute easiest way to tie a bow tie.

Let’s begin to Tie a Bow Tie with Simple Steps,

how to tie a bow tie Step 1

One disclaimer before we start is that in order to use this method you have to be able to disconnect your bow tie into two halves. 

how to tie a bow tie Step 2

Now you can see the bow tie I am using here is from Le Noeud Papillon and it has a hook in the back that allows you to take the two halves apart. This method is actually one that Nicholas, the owner of Le Noeud Papillon, teaches and I am going to show you how it’s done. 

The first thing (How To Tie A Bow Tie), we’re going to do is to disconnect the two halves. And then we’re going to move the hook end to the left and the slider end to the right. 

Next, we’re going to fold the hook end over to start making the bow. Now when you do this, you want to fold it over a little less than the complete bow will be because later on when we tighten it, it will actually expand just a little to the size that we want. 

We’re going to fold over the other side and make it the same size. And then place it on top of the other piece. Now grab it with both hands and flip it over. 

After That, put your index finger of your right hand towards the center of the bow, take the hook end and fold it up towards the center, like so. Now hold the hook end in place with your right hand and flip the bow over. 

Bring it up and now you can see that we actually have our bow starting to form. Now with both thumbs holding the hook end, we’re going to take the bow flip it over towards us and bring the hook end up once more. 

Now with your left hand, hold the hook end in the center, fold the right part of the bow over and hold them both in place with your left hand. Next, fold the slider end up and bring the right side of the bow back down. 

Then take the hook end and move it over the slider end, then bring the slider end around and thread it back under the loop end. Now we’re going to tie it off. And turn it over and see how we did. 

At this point, if your bow does not look perfect, that’s totally fine. Now is the time we’re going to adjust it to how we want it to look. You can move the knot over. You can add a dimple in. And the final thing that I like to do is to give it a really firm pull and tighten the knot. 

how to tie a bow tie

I prefer tight knot over one that is loose. There you have it! Perfectly tied and ready to be worn. 


Now I know that may have seemed like a lot of steps and you’ll probably have to repeat these steps a couple two or three times to get the hang of it. I certainly had to practice tying a bow tie this way a handful of times before I really felt comfortable and confident doing it. 

I really prefer this method over tying it while it’s around my neck. I can do it that way, but I feel like I get a much more satisfactory result tying it on the table like this. I also feel like I have a lot more control over things, like how I get the dimple exactly how I want it and that’s sort of a very important detail that I like to have when I wear a bow tie. 

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Trick #2

How to Tie a Bow Tie Easily – Self Tie a Bow Tie Knot

Bow ties are often misunderstood as being difficult to tie. My goal in this article is to change that perception. In fact, you won’t believe how easy this is. 


Start with your collar up and your top button fastened. Some bow ties are adjustable at the back. If you have one of these, adjust it to the right length. 


Put the little anchor into it and pull it tight. If your bow tie has sizes printed on the back, all you need to do is choose your neck size. If you’ve got a fixed-length bow tie then you’re all set, you don’t need to adjust anything. 


Throw the tie around your neck and make the left side slightly longer than the right. That’s about one inch or two and a half centimeters. Take the long end and cross it over the short end, left over right. With your right hand, take the long end and thread it up through this gap here, like this. 


Grab it on the other side and pull it through. Now take both ends and pull them nice and tight so that you end up with a starting knot sitting on top of your collar button. So you should now have a long end sitting on the outside and a slightly shorter end sitting underneath. Take the long end and throw it over your shoulder for now. With your right hand, take the short end and fold it like this in front of your neck. 

As you can see, it’s already starting to take shape. Take the long end off your shoulder and drop it down the middle. Hold both these ends and fold them into the center. Pinch them together with your right hand. Now if I stand side-on you’ll notice a little tunnel that’s been created around the back. This is where the magic is going to happen. What you need to do is take your left thumb and push it through that tunnel right through to the other side, all the way through. Now with the same hand, your left hand, take your forefinger and thread it down between these two ends like this and pinch everything into place. What this does is free up your right hand for the next step. 


This is where it’s all gonna come together. With your right hand, take the long end around this section here and fold it like this. So what you should see here is a folded end out in front and a folded end outback. Take the top corner of this folded end, the one out in front, and thread it around the back. Turn it upward 90 degrees so that it’s vertical and now thread it through that tunnel you just created. 


Grab it on the other side with your left hand and gently pull it through. As you’re doing this, grab the other folded end and pull it in the opposite direction. Now what you need to do is the shape and adjust the knot to make it even on both sides. This is what gives bow ties their charm and authenticity. Notice here you have two layers. In the front layer, you’ve got a folded end on one side. 


On the back layer, there’s also a folded end but it’s on the opposite side. And vice versa with the flat ends. In the front layer, the flat end is on one side, and on the back layer the flat end is on the opposite side. What you need to do is pinch the folded ends and pull them gently in opposite directions. 


As you’re doing this the knot in the middle starts to tighten. Then do the same thing with the flat ends. And you keep doing this until the middle knot is tight, both sides are even and you’re happy with how it looks. You can also shape and mold your knot by putting your thumbs behind each of the ends and smoothing the tie out over them. 


This is a really good way to get the sides sitting in the right proportion next to the center knot. It’s not all that different from tying your shoelaces really. If you want to tighten the knot you pull the bows. If you want to loosen the knot, you pull the flat ends. Bow ties are the same. 



Now as you’re doing this remember, bow ties, proper bow ties, the ones you tie yourself, aren’t meant to be perfectly symmetrical. They’re meant to be ever so slightly asymmetrical. That’s what gives them their authenticity. That’s what sets them apart from clip-on bow ties. And that my friend is what’s gonna make you stand out from the crowd and earn you a whole different level of respect. I hope you found this helpful.

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