How To Tie A Bow Tie Step-By-Step


It is a category of a necktie. It is made from the fabric of ribbon tied over the collar of a shirt in a systematic way so that two other ends form a knot. There are three types of bow ties such as the pre-tied, the clip-on, and the self-tie. Some bow ties are made from polyester, cotton, silk, or a mixture of fabric. Some other fabrics such as wool or velvet are much less common for bow ties as compared to four-in-hand neckties.


During the thirty years war of the 17th century, the bow started with Croatian mercenaries who used a scarf all over the neck to hold together. In the 18th and 19th centuries, At the beginning of the 19th century, the bow tie was revealed with the latest style of a necktie. This trend was accepted by the privileged classes named Cravat from french word  “Croat”. Apart from this, Cravat expanded the trend of this tie as well as converted the style of bow tie into a four-in-hand necktie.

The most common bow ties are fixed in the length of a bow tie and are made for a specific size of the neck. The size of the bow tie was approximately 14 and 19 inches with a shirt collar. For wing-collar shirts, we preferred to wear the fixed length bow tie, we should not expose the buckle of an adjustable bow tie.” One-size-fits-all” adjustable bow ties are a later design which helps to modify the manufacturing costs. both men and women can use these bow ties.

 When and How to Wear It

  • We wear a bow tie in wedding events, at work, at date night as well as at religious places like church.
  • The bow tie is suitable with dress pants, long sleeve shirts, or with a jacket.
  • Moreover, if you want to create attention in an occasional outing, or parties, or for a drink, you can also use a bow tie, wool or cotton, which are very perfect for wearing on these types of occasions and it helps to enhance your personality and conveys a sense of individuality.
  •  Formal events call for a dress shirt with wing collars while spread collars are suitable for semi-formal and business casual dress code.
  • Additionally, it is a crucial part of business casual code for a white-tie, and a black-tie is convenient for great occasions, like wedding ceremonies, or very elegant parties.
  • The majority of people should conduct adventurous designs and too bright colors.
  • Formal events call for a shirt with wing collars at the same time spread collars are perfect for semi-formal along with business casual dress code. Plaids and tweeds are a very good selection in semi-formal. 
  • However, casual events tend to wear any style, color, and pattern from seersucker, floral, madras, and velvet to polka dots and stripes. However, colors can also increase the level of excitement to your outfit.
  • In these years, it is a basic accessory for men to wear for business meetings or concerns. The size of this tie should be matched with the measurement of your collar. 
  • How to tie a bow tie: Look at some of history’s greatest figures such as Fred Astaire, Winston Churchill, and Charlie Chaplin. These men cut a dazzling figure when they were wearing their bow-ties proudly.

 How To Tie A Bow Tie

Wearing a Bow Tie with Shorts

 During the summer months, wearing a bow tie with shorts is a good option to look great. When you live in the south and chinos, or denim, is not the single option. If you are wearing a dark shirt, you should choose the light color of the bow. The combination of dark colors and light colors are always perfect. Furthermore, you can easily dress up with a well-tailored pair of shorts, with a great pattern of a dress shirt, and proper shoes. Many professionals recommend that you choose a contrast bow tie with your shirt. When you are wearing shorts with a bow tie choose these four patterns:

  • Seersucker
  • Madras
  • Gingham
  • Floral

Combination of Bow Tie with untucked shirts

when we are wearing flabby pants as well as an unfitted shirt for different occasions will create a bonafide slob. You should need to perfectly stitch your pants and shirts by a tailor. Always match a contrast of your bow with your shirt. This technique helps to look gorgeous.

Bow Tie with Coordinating Chinos & Blazer

All it depends upon your own choice. if you go for dark chinos, then you should choose a light color of the blazer with it. Always remember the key rule of contrast. During the summer season, you can roll the cuffs of the pants and never wear socks in this style.

Combination of Bow Tie with a Short Sleeved Shirt 

It helps to look cool and casual. This look is especially good for the summer or spring seasons. 

Wearing a Bow Tie with a Denim Jacket

From last year, I have seen a plethora of men and women who were interested in wearing denim jackets. You can wear full or half-sleeved shirts with a denim jacket. That totally depends upon you. If you want to roll the arms of a jacket, you should obviously choose short sleeves shirts. Many people wear a bow tie with this jacket. 

Types of bow ties

how to tie a bow tie

Standard butterfly bow tie (or thistle tie) 

 A standard butterfly bow tie features wings that measure between 2.25 to 2.75 inches we found in the men’s department of clothing stores. This is good for formal occasions, it is available in various solid neutral colors such as white, black, navy, gray, or brown.

Large butterfly bow tie

The size of the wings of a large butterfly bow tie is approximately 3 to 3.5 inches. It looks better on those people who have a wider neck and face structure. for formal events, it should be worn in solid colors.

Batwing bow tie

It has narrow wings that are near about 2 inches. It looks good on people with a thin facial size as well as collar size. For formal occasions, some people are interested in this thinner style. While others believe that batwing bow ties are not formal.

Diamond point bow tie

It refers to offering a good diamond point at the last, it gives a unique asymmetrical appearance for formal ceremonies. 

Rounded club bow tie

This tie is available in many sizes. It has unusual rounded ends, it’s often chosen by people seeing the stand out in the crowd.

Trick #1

Tying your own bow tie can be, let’s just say, a little frustrating. I’ve been there before. Trust me, I feel your pain. I’m showing you the absolute easiest way to tie a bow tie.

Let’s begin to Tie a Bow Tie with Simple Steps

how to tie a bow tie Step 1

One disclaimer before we start is that in order to use this method you have to be able to disconnect your bow tie into two halves. 

how to tie a bow tie Step 2

Now you can see the bow tie I am using here is from Le Noeud Papillon and it has a hook in the back that allows you to take the two halves apart. This method is actually one that Nicholas, the owner of Le Noeud Papillon, teaches and I am going to show you how it’s done. 

The first thing (How To Tie A Bow Tie), we’re going to do is to disconnect the two halves. And then we’re going to move the hook end to the left and the slider end to the right. 

Next, we’re going to fold the hook end over to start making the bow. Now when you do this, you want to fold it over a little less than the complete bow will be because later on when we tighten it, it will actually expand just a little to the size that we want. 

We’re going to fold over the other side and make it the same size. And then place it on top of the other piece. Now grab it with both hands and flip it over. 

After That, put your index finger of your right hand towards the center of the bow, take the hook end and fold it up towards the center, like so. Now hold the hook end in place with your right hand and flip the bow over. 

Bring it up and now you can see that we actually have our bow starting to form. Now with both thumbs holding the hook end, we’re going to take the bow flip it over towards us and bring the hook end up once more. 

Now with your left hand, hold the hook end in the center, fold the right part of the bow over and hold them both in place with your left hand. Next, fold the slider end up and bring the right side of the bow back down. 

Then take the hook end and move it over the slider end, then bring the slider end around and thread it back under the loop end. Now we’re going to tie it off. And turn it over and see how we did. 

At this point, if your bow does not look perfect, that’s totally fine. Now is the time we’re going to adjust it to how we want it to look. You can move the knot over. You can add a dimple in. And the final thing that I like to do is to give it a really firm pull and tighten the knot. 

how to tie a bow tie

I prefer tight knot over one that is loose. There you have it! Perfectly tied and ready to be worn. 


Now I know that may have seemed like a lot of steps and you’ll probably have to repeat these steps a couple two or three times to get the hang of it. I certainly had to practice tying a bow tie this way a handful of times before I really felt comfortable and confident doing it. 

I really prefer this method over tying it while it’s around my neck. I can do it that way, but I feel like I get a much more satisfactory result tying it on the table like this. I also feel like I have a lot more control over things, like how I get the dimple exactly how I want it and that’s sort of a very important detail that I like to have when I wear a bow tie. 

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Trick #2

How to Tie a Bow Tie Easily – Self Tie a Bow Tie Knot