How to Tie a Full Windsor Knot

The Windsor knot is also known as a full Windsor knot, or double Windsor knot. There are a plethora of strategies to tie a necktie. In 1930, the effective style of necktie was approved by the United States when the duke of Windsor ( King Edward VIII of England) came to America. The textures and patterns were animated by the duke of Windsor, who was noticed by the “godfathers of fashion”. He represented his latest style as “dress soft” which is considered for business casuals in these years. In the united kingdom, professional workers or high post members were using a black tie as a uniform in various fields such as the royal air force and the royal air force cadets. Moreover, the Windsor and four-in-hand knots are recognized for the services of the Canadian Forces. 

The Full Windsor knot generates a convenient space between the collar and the neck while holding the tie in place.

Stemming from the royal heritage of the English, this knot enjoys a large dignity when worn. It is largely a power knot for business.

Following are the steps to tie a Full Windsor knot,

1. Drape tie around your neck. Cross the wide part of the tie over the narrow end, and start to bring it up through the hole between collar and tie.

2. After bringing it up through the hole, pull the wide end down towards the front.

3. Bring the wide end behind the narrow end and to the right. Then pull the wide end back through the loop again.

4. Wrap the wide end around the triangle by pulling it from right to left.

5. Bring the wide end up through the loop a third time, and pull it through the knot in front.

6. Finally, Tighten a knot and center it with both hands.

full windsor knot

Description of how to tie a full Windsor knot 

It looks like a symmetrical triangular shaped knot. While the knot is self-releasing, it does not slip when tied correctly. The shape of the full-Windsor is almost the same as the half-Windsor, but it is larger in size as compared to the half-Windsor. Some people who are interested in a tie. They should buy the good quality of silk alternatives which are easily available in the market. Furthermore, they also buy cotton or satin ties that are made from synthetic materials or plants. 



  • It constructs a knot in a symmetrical or large shape and makes an ideal knot. if you want to command the observations of people.
  • The Full Windsor knot helps to look best at that time when you are dressed up in a spread collar or a cutaway collar shirt.
  • It is a very large triangle shape.
  • A large knot of full Windsor could mislead the proper attention from those people who were wearing at that time. 
  • The tie should be approximately 4 centimeters (near about 1.6 inches) bigger as compared to the conventional ties for making the perfect shape.
  • For Full-Windsor, it uses a large amount of cloth to make a thick knot at the collar.
  •  Use a classic or long silk tie for making a perfect knot. Avoid knitted ties for this knot because it will be very heavy.
  • During formal events like wedding ceremonies or business concerns, we should wear a Full-Windsor knot for looking highly important or well-personalized individuals.
  • If the size of the knot is large and bold, then the knot should be good for those men who have wider faces or men with facial hairs.
  • You should use more important ornaments and darker tones with this knot. When the tie has gaudy and dazzling patterns, then the full-Windsor knot can appear overcome.
  • Since the Full-Windsor is greater, it also presents as extremely formal.


  • How to tie a full Windsor knot: It is a large knot. If you have a very thin neck, then this large knot will not be suitable for you. 
  • We also would not advise you to use this knot with a knitted tie. Full Windsor knot looks unattractive and bulky on those fibers.
  • It does not work for ties with bright and gaudy patterns. 
  • It generates a harsh effect and shifts people’s attention away from your entire face.



In the Full-Windsor, it is not difficult to make a perfect shape of a tie. If you don’t know how to tie it, just do some practice. Apart from this, day by day everyone becomes familiar, so we can easily find another person to make a perfect knot on some occasions or situations.


It is generally the big fabric hungry which is considered by the half Windsor knot. However, if you are a very large person in height you should need the lengthy tie for looking perfect.


The reason full-Windsor is becoming more popular, and it is considered “the knot” is because of its near-perfect symmetry. The knot is large as well as almost perfect.


Personally, I prefer Full Windsor with paisley as the huge flat area of the knot shows off the fragile form or pattern. Outstanding stripes also look beautiful.

  • Good for all occasions

The four Windsor knot is a very good option for choosing the main purposes or occasions as well as parties such as marriage, business meetings, or any other special events, and so on. It aids to enhance our personality in our society, office, friends, and relatives.

Additional information 

Difference between a Full Windsor knot and Half Windsor knot 

how to tie a full windsor knot

Full Windsor

  • It is more formal
  • Larger knot than others
  • Need the more fabric to tie the perfect knot
  • It looks much better on men with long necks
  • A Perfect knot for a thick tie

Half Windsor

  • It is less formal
  • Smaller knot than others
  • Need the less fabric to tie the knot
  • Looks better for those men who have small necks
  • Need the less fabric to tie the knot
  • A perfect  knot for a thin tie