How to Tie a Deivao Twist Tie Knot


There are a plethora of strategies to tie a necktie. Traditionally, ties are a staple of office uniforms, especially for professionals. The deivao twist knot is quite simple and it is not only perfect for only weddings but also it is suitable for birthday parties, romantic meetings, office, church, and so on. This knot is not difficult or complicated like other knots. If we want to make the perfect shape of a deivao twist knot then we need some practice to master the technique. This knot looks gorgeous as well as professional. This knot is also known as queen twist knot. This knot is not suitable for tall men, or a long tie or have a sweater or vest. For some people, they experienced the main difficulty in making proper layers regarding this knot. I recommend that a deiveo twist knot would be an attractive and excellent knot for weddings, ceremonies, or new year parties. The simplest way to tie this knot is to keep it a bit loose, but that is hard when also trying to keep the tie long. how to tie a deiveo twist knot: there are a plethora of knots that are suitable in various events such as weddings, pirates, ceremonies such as Eldredge knot, Trinity knot, Rose Bud knot, Vidalia knot, Tulip knot, Truelove knot, Queen and Deivao Twist necktie knots. This tie knot is available in several types of fabrics such as silk, cotton, woolen, linen, and so on. Some people also prefer to use stripes knots for this tie. 

Steps of how to tie a deivao twist knot 

  • Wrap the necktie around your collar, with the thick end on the right exactly where you want it to hang when the knot is completed.
  • Pinch the wide end of the tie to form a dimple as well as cross the thin end in front of the thick end as horizontally as possible.
  • After that, cover the thin end around behind the cross-shape, crossing horizontally from right to left side.
  • Tuck the thin end with the help of the loop around your collar.
  • Bring the thin end horizontally across the thick end.
  • Tuck the tip of the thin end up through the loop around your collar and flip it over the top of the knot, crossing diagonally downward from left to right. Pull it down snug to form a diagonal band along the right side of the knot.
  • Bring the thin end and insert it from the right side and around behind the back of the knot and up through the diagonal band.
  • Again the thin end inserts from the right side to side of this knot. Continuously this step is followed by 3 or 4 times. 
  • It has various layers on the right side of this knot. Aim the thin end of the tie straight upward, then tuck it down beneath the loop around your collar.
  • We can also hide the remaining thin end under the shirt.
  • Tuck the remainder of the thin end out of sight, either behind the thick end or by sliding it horizontally under the loop around your neck. Tighten if needed by pulling the thick end and adjust each diagonal band to roughly the same width.



Deivao twist knot is not much difficult as compared to other styles of a knot. Sometimes it is difficult to tighten the knot in proper shape for some people. This will take you some practice.


A deivao twist knot does not consume a plethora of fabric for making the perfect shape of the knot. I am sorry to say it might not be possible if you are tall or large. 


If we are using the stripes tie, the folds are too complex. so, we should use stripes to make it simple. A contrast tie is obviously a good choice because the fancy knot will be featured. 


This knot is brilliant, some people use this knot for light-hearted events such as wedding occasions or new year parties, and so on. 

How To Tie a Tie: Deivao Twist Knot


  • It is very complex
  • Take time for practice
  • Try it with a contrast tie
  • Avoid stripes or patterns 
  • Optimal with thin and simple ties
  • Always suggest thin soft ties for optimal result