How to Tie A Tie

Tie Knot Easily – 11 Cool Necktie Knots

How to Tie A Tie Knot Easily – 11 Best Necktie Knots Ever

Step by step, you will be master how to tie a tie in different ways. Let’s begin with a simple oriental knot,

How to tie a tie – Easy Way for Beginners

Learn the Simple Oriental Knot below

Here are the easy steps to mastering an Oriental knot. Below Instructions are involve mirror pictures. Try to follow all the techniques properly.

  1. The first step, Make the neck loop first 
  2. The second step, Put the wide end under the thinner one
  3. The third step, Pass it to the right side
  4. The fourth step, Pass it through the big loop
  5. The fifth step, Pass it through the central wrap
  6. The Sixth step, Bring it out completely

Finaly, Tighten by sliding up the knot to collar. Limited period discount on your  favorite Tie:  

Simple Oriental Knot

1. Eldredge knot

Eldredge Knot

The Eldredge tie knot is very special and fashionable, it can be described as a trend that was imposed to renew the style of man when wearing a tie. Due to the routine at the time of wearing ties, this Eldredge knot is quite elaborate and takes time and dedication, to achieve an innovative style in the current gentleman.

Simply learn how to tie a tie step by step: Eldredge Knot

  1. Simply make the neck loop first
  2. Then Pass the thinner end to the right
  3. Thirdly, Pass it through the neck loop
  4. Pass it to the right
  5. After that Take it through the loop
  6. Next, Take it to the right
  7. Take it through the loop so formed
  8. Pass it through the neck loop
  9. Take it to the right
  10. Wrap it around the loop
  11. Pass it through the loop so formed easily
  12. After that Take it down
  13. Finally, The knot is made or ready

2. Tulip knot

The Tulip knot is one of the best knots. This knot is not easy to tie in the last few steps but it feels great after some hurdles. At the end, you need to adjust the “petals” to feel more structural. According to my experience, this knot would be great for wedding season or groomsmen particularly. For mastering a technique, you need to follow the instructions below.

Learn the Tulip Knot with simple steps: Tulip knot

Tulip tie knot
  1. Start with a thin tail roughly twice as long as the wide tail
  2. Cross thin tail over the wide tail
  3. Loop thin tail up and behind the wide tail
  4. Bring thin tail down over intersection on the same side
  5. Bring thin tail behind and across the intersection
  6. Loop thin tail up and around the front of an intersection
  7. Tighten loop and straighten both sides to be symmetrical
  8. Bring then tail around the front of the knot. Then up and behind
  9. Cinch up thin tail behind a knot
  10. Bring thin tail down and over the side of the knot
  11. Bring thin tail across and behind a knot
  12. Pull the end of thin tail thru the loop on the opposite side
  13. Tuck end of thin behind loop around the neck
    In the end, Fold down your Collar and admire!

3. Half Windsor Knot

Half Windsor Knot

The Half Windsor is a medium-size knot which is not bulky as full Windsor knot and it also comes symmetrical. The Half Windsor knot is specially used with light fabric thickness and synthetics. You can ready in 5 minutes.

Our illustrated instructions will help you with mastering a half Windsor Knot.

Here’s the tying technique: Half Windsor Knot

  1. Begin with the wide end of the tie on your right and extending 12″ below the narrow end.
  2. Cross with wide end over the narrow end and turn back underneath
  3. Bring up and turn down through the loop
  4. Pass the wide end around the front from left to right
  5. Then up through the loop
  6. Then down through the knot front. Tighten carefully and draw up to your collar
  7. In the end, you are ready to see the final result in the mirror with a smile.

4. Full Windsor Knot

full windsor knot

Full Windsor knot is primarily used for business or professional meetings. We look very professional through the Windsor knot. I recommend to all the business class and professionals who want to get attention to the office or meetings. Actually, I have learned from Jonathan (my business partner) a few years ago. I hope it suits you. All the best!

Learn how to tie a tie easily: Full Windsor Knot

  1. Start with wide tail roughly twice as long as the thin tail
  2. Cross wide tail over the thin tail
  3. Loop wide tail up and under the thin tail
  4. Cinch wide tail up and under the intersection
  5. Bring wide tail down over the intersection
  6. Bring wide tail under and across the intersection
  7. Loop wide tail up and over then down and under the same side
  8. Bring wide tail over and across the knot
  9. Pull wide tail up under the knot
  10. Cinch wide tail up thru and behind the knot
  11. Bring wide tail down and thru the outermost loop of the knot
    Finally, Fold-down collar and check yourself out!

5. Trinity knot

trinity tie knot

Learn to tie a knot with easy steps: Trinity knot

  1. Make the neck loop first as you can see in the picture of the first number
  2. Make a neck loop and pass the thin end through it
  3. Take it down
  4. Then Pass it to the right
  5. Take it up
  6. Take it down
  7. After that pass it through the neck loop
  8. Now pass it through the smaller loop
  9. Pass it to the right
  10. Finally, Pass it through the loop formed
  11. Take it up and tighten
  12. Take it down
  13. The knot is complete

6. Rose Bud knot

ros bud knot

The Rose Bud is very impressive knot which looks like a rose. We need to understand that it is a complex knot. Many people said that it is a perfect knot If you want to impress someone. You have two options, satisfy with a simple knot or challenge yourself with Rose bud tie knot. My experience says that anyone can be an expert with little practice. I believe that the results will be well worth.

Get free instructions for how to tie a tie in the video: Rose Bud knot

7. Vidalia knot

Vidalia knot

The Vidalia Knot is not a simple knot. If you want to master The Vidalia Knot then you need a lot of practice. It is a difficult knot as compare to others and requires a lot of tie. So be prepared for the first attempt.

Watch the video to learn the complex tie. Click here: Vidalia knot

8. Truelove knot

Truelove knot

A Truelove knot is not a simple knot. You need to resemble a heart which is divided into four different quadrants as you can see in the picture. A truelove knot is indeed the most complex knot among all other knots. If you want to master this technique you will need a lot of practice. But the results will be excellent at the end.

Watch the video to learn how to tie a tie: Truelove knot

9. Queen knot

queen knot

Simply learn how to tie a tie step by step: Queen knot

10. Deivao Twist knot

Deivao Twist knot

Learn how to tie a Deivao Twist Knot for your Necktie with the help of instructions in the video. It is not very much complicated like others knots. The Deivao Twist knot need some practice to master a technique.

Master a Deivao Twist knot to watch the video.

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